Online Lecture Series “Sustainability in Sport” – Open for Guests

The online lecture series is part of the module “Sustainability in Sports – a Think Tank and Experimental Lab” within the Optionalbereich.

Nowadays, “sustainability” is on everyone’s lips. In 2015, all United Nations Member States adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, providing a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future. How should the role of sport be seen in this context? Sport must rethink its own self-image in all its fields. Sport should be: resource-light, low-emission, nature-friendly, humane, and sustainable.

Sport has many facets and aspects concerning the overriding topic of sustainability. Within the lecture series we will address some of them.

The plan is as follows:

17.04.2023         Overview on Sustainability in sports: challenges and opportunities

                              (Julia Wlasak, Graz, Austria)

24.04.2023         Sustainability from the perspective of an elite athlete

                              (Nike Lorenz, Köln, Germany, German National Field Hockey Team)

08.05.2023         The carbon question: how to calculate, reduce, and offset a carbon footprint

                              (Madeleine Orr, London, England)

15.05.2023         Nature, biodiversity, and sport

                              (Madeleine Orr, London, England)

22.05.2023         Sustainable sports nutrition – vegan diet and edible insects

                              (Luc van Loon, Maastricht, The Netherlands)

05.06.2023         Sustainability in wind surfing – event management

                              (Lisa Sippl, Hamburg, Germany)

12.06.2023         Sustainability in sport and exercise psychology

                              (Sandra Klaperski-van-der-Waal, Nijmegen, The Netherlands)

19.06.2023         Opportunities and challenges for a (more) sustainable sports tourism

                              (Chris Horbel, Oslo, Norway)

26.06.2023         Sustainability concepts in the German soccer Bundesliga – TSG Hoffenheim

                              (Adam Beavan, TSG Hoffenheim, Germany)

03.07.2023         Sustainability in outdoor sports – climate change, alpin sports and interventions in

                              the school (ticket2nature)

                              (Mirjam Limmer, Köln, Germany)

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Foto: Josep Monter